Here’s the Cosmopolitan Middle East Article Featuring Trash the Dress

Here’s the Cosmopolitan Middle East Article Featuring Trash the Dress author Joelle Caputa and our support group member, Briana! The 7 steps to divorce celebration are adapted from the book, which you can order on Amazon.


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Huffington Post Feature: 20-Somethings Lead Divorce Celebration Movement by Trashing the Dress

So excited to share this feature on some of our Trash the Dress girls and their amazing photo shoots on Huffington Post Divorce: Read “20-Somethings Lead Divorce Celebration Movement by Trashing the Dress


Trash the Dress featured in The News Journal


The News Journal in Delaware published a great Divorce Month story on the lack of support groups for 20-somethings. Trash the Dress has a nice feature. Read the article, “Few support services offered for divorced 20-somethings.”

Holding the book in my hands!!

And you should be able to hold it in yours by next week! I am just awaiting the link from Amazon. The book will be available in print and for Kindle.




Look what I just got in the mail!


I can’t believe I am holding the proof of my book in my hands!!!

First Divorce Selfie Documented


Elite Daily doesn’t seem too happy about the first divorce selfie, but I think it’s great that this couple, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight,  can amicably end their marriage. Just another example that you shouldn’t judge situations you don’t know and these reporters should mind their own business. Wishing the un-weds the best of luck!

Divorce tattoos on the rise: Trash the Dress mentioned in Maclean’s Canada

Trash The Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s was mentioned in yet another divorce tattoo article. This time for major Canadian daily Maclean’s. Read “Divorce tattoos on the rise.” Then, share your thoughts in our comment section on this page.


Trash the Dress Featured in The Globe and Mail (Canada)

I was interviewed for this really great article on divorce celebration that ran today in Canada’s The Globe and Mail. Thank you to Trash the Dress member Cynthia for also speaking on behalf of young divorced women!  Read “Breakup blowouts: How the divorce party is coming on strong for young divorcées.”


Divorce in America


How I Met Your Mother Ends in Divorce and Death. Fans are Not Laughing.


Worst finale ever. Way to ruin what was once the most well-written show on television. Sadly, the How I Met Your Mother series finale wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

We spent the whole season watching the dragged out wedding of Barney and Robin only to have them announce their divorce in the final episode. We have to watch a depressed Robin become an outsider of her group while her ex-husband moves on, happily dating and impregnating another woman. A little too close to reality for some of us! But good for her for focusing on her career and making something positive out of it. I guess we should be happy that they were mature enough to divorce and not go through life miserably married, right?

But then, the mother dies. Did viewers really have to go through all that just for Ted and Robin to FINALLY get together? This was supposed to be a comedy, but we’re not laughing.