Sale Alert! OlsenHaus Vegan Shoes

Oh, the troubles of being a young and fashionable divorcée. We want, but we can’t always wear.

Sales are surely a broke girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to vegan accessories. Those of us who lead a cruelty-free lifestyle in particular know that luxury items often come attached to a scary price tag. So we spend our days pinning pictures of things we know we’ll never own. But, hey a girl can dream, right?

Luckily, dreams of owning a posh item for a discounted price do come true!

Olsenhaus- Pure Vegan is having a limited time designer shoe sale.  From now until June 6th, receive 40 percent off all online purchases. Simply enter “veganlove” at checkout.

Here are our top picks for Olsenhaus summer shoe lovin’, should you decide to invest in a quality (and cruelty-free!) pair of pumps, flats or flips:


 Originally priced $80.
Faux Leather

Babylon Eco-Chic-Black/White

Originally priced $150.

100% Recycled Television Screen Microfiber

0.5” Heel

Originally priced $120.

Bangkok Green

Originally priced $210.
Linen and Microfiber Suede

Mrs Roper-Red Print
Originally priced $265.
Cotton Print + Faux Suede + Cork
4.5” Wedge W/1.5”

3380.0 Muse Black/Magenta
Originally priced $225.
Ultra Suede w/Linen
Croco emboss
Yes, they’re black and close-toed but they are hot!

ONE DAY ONLY: The Divorcée Sale $100 Shoe Outlet


Did someone say couture sale? YES!

The Divorcée Sale, a pop-up boutique that helps newly single women discard their fashionable baggage from their previous life, is having a shoe sale on it’s online outlet  today.

Designers up for grabs include Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and YSL.

All shoes are priced at $100 and under.

A percentage of all The Divorcée Sale event proceeds are donated to a woman’s cancer foundation.

This is just another reason to be thankful for divorce!

Hate Shopping for Jeans? Not Anymore! We Found the Best Brand for your Bod & Budget.

Jessica Simpson Forever Skinny Jean Charade

Squeeze in; you’re almost there. Pull, pull, tug. Tug!  Suck in your stomach. Wait, your stomach doesn’t matter. It’s your thighs. Sigh. It’s not happening. You can’t even force the material halfway up your thighs. Oh, the joys of shopping for jeans.

We’ve all been there. Just the thought of entering a dressing room with multiple sizes in your hand (one smaller in case by a miracle you dropped a size, one your usual number, and of course one a size up to accommodate your pear-shaped curves) is enough to send most women to the dress aisle.

It’s my womanly duty to report that I have discovered the perfect brand of jeans. And what do you know, the brain behind the brand is a fellow twenty-something divorcée: Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Forever Skinny Jean in black.

Before you cringe at the thought of wearing a celebrity’s clothing line, let me preface.  I hate name-brand clothing and accessories. I’ve always boycotted items that cost a fortune just because of the logo with which they are adorned or tagged. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

During a shopping trip a few months ago, I tried on so many jeans I broke a sweat. Nothing fit my body shape. I have a small waist and curvy thighs so usually I resort to buying a size larger and getting the waist hemmed. Then, I hit the treasure of denim. I found a skinny brand that looked sophisticated, durable and sexy. They just so happen to be Jessica Simpson’s.

Jessica Simpson Rockin Curvy Bootcut Jean Mariana Stanton.

As a woman with curves, Simpson knows our qualms and delivered a product to meet our needs. That day I purchased one of every shade of blue and black on the rack and I’ve been wearing them daily. The material fits like a glove (think Forever 21 jeans but better quality), whether it’s the Forever Skinny, Kiss Me Jeggin or bootcut. The pastel colors in the spring line might just make me break another rule on my fashion don’t list.  So if you see me with lavender legs, just know they are super comfortable.

Jessica Simpson Forever Roll Cuff Twill in purple.

The Ultimate Divorce Party Gown

Consider this fierce Alice and Olivia frock the anti-bride gown. Nothing says “good riddance” better than black leather and tulle. And the back? Drool!

*Bonus! Order it today and score 20% off on the site’s Cyber Monday sale.

Tat-new Start

One of the first things I did as a newly single 23-year-old was get tattooed! I had wanted a tattoo for a few years, but either couldn’t decide on a design or we never had enough money to spend on things that weren’t a complete necessity. I knew I wanted my three children’s names involved in the tattoo because they were going to be my rock and the permanent presence in my life (unlike my husband).

I did it for myself mainly. A completely selfish act that was just for me. I wanted to prove that I could do this even though I was scared of the unknown pain. The way I saw it was I’d already been through so much, surely I could take a bit more.

This tattoo would kick start my new image. I say “new” but it was actually the person I had wanted to be for a long time and partly the person I had stopped developing around the time of my marriage. Sometimes a little bit of confidence is all you need to see a new or the old you! I found the confidence I needed for that tattoo and after that it just kept growing!

A friend of mine drew up a basic design that I could take to a fantastic tattoo shop in the next town.  I handed over the piece of paper for the tattoo artist to redesign and booked in there and then! Unfortunately I had to wait six weeks for an appointment around when my ex had the children and I wasn’t working.

When the time came I was full of emotions: scared, excited, anxious and also proud of myself because I knew I could do this! I’m yet to mention that I have a fairly big blood phobia, this was another resistance in my decision.  So I choose to have it on the back of my leg and explained to the tattoo artist, so that he could avoid showing me anything with blood dripping from it.

I laid there for over an hour and was presently surprised with the feeling, I felt overwhelmed with pride in myself and I was so relaxed I almost nodded off! They did a great job in bringing the design to life and I was very impressed with the results. I was filled with confidence as soon as I left and I’m continually showing it off. I love my tattoo!

I’ve since had two more tattoos and two dermal anchor piercing on my chest just below my collar bones. I did it because I wanted to and there was no one to criticise me or put me off doing what I wanted to my body and my image.

But my biggest change has to be my hair! When I met my ex, it was always changing colour but he wasn’t to keen and I felt as a mother and a wife I should improve my image. I was also massively influenced by people opinions about me being a young married mum and felt I had to make myself look older and respectable- aka boring! So now it’s purple and I absolutely love it! It makes me feel so happy and confident.

I’m not saying go out and get a tattoo or dye your hair an outrageous colour. Just do something for you. Something that pushes you. Something that improves your confidence. Something you couldn’t do when you were married and most importantly do something that makes you happy!

I also brought shoes……. Lots of shoes.