Dating after divorce in your 20s: Advice from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Contestant Mike Scocozza


Dating after divorce in your 20s is quite the adventure. Some women married their first loves and have no idea what it’s like to play the game. Others have to adjust to the evolution of the dating protocol. For example, text messaging really wasn’t a thing when I married my ex-husband, but by the time I divorced, it was the new form of communication. It drove me crazy that guys would text me once and then not reply to me for three days. Like, what is up with that?! I soon learned to weed out those players and focus on the guy who actually responded and gasp- wanted to hear my voice.


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Whether you’ve just entered the single life or have been stomping through the trenches, you’re most likely wondering just what the hell a twenty-something guy really thinks about dating. So I got one to provide the inside scoop. He’s not just your average Joe, though. He’s Mike Scocozza, the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 contestant who Tyra Banks handpicked for casting while he was serving up Los Angeles-adored Coolhaus gourmet, customizable ice cream sandwiches.

Here’s what 27-year-old Scocozza has to say to women celebrating divorce in their 20s by getting back out there!


Mike Scocozza: Insightful and delightful.

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to dating. I’ve only had two serious relationships in my life. But I have picked up a few things in my time out there in the world. The big thing to remember when it comes to dating is that it’s OK to NOT like someone. It’s good to be upbeat going into a new meeting, but you’re not going to click with everyone you meet. That’s just the way it works. So don’t try forcing something that’s not there, just because you want it. Be honest with yourself and be honest with the person you’re with. Here are a few tips from the male perspective:

(This applies only if you’re actually looking to meet someone special, not to just hook up.)

1. Be honest. If things do progress, the truth eventually comes out. So just be honest from the beginning.

2. Be yourself. There’s no point in changing who you are just to please someone. If they don’t like you, then screw them. Someone else will.

3. Don’t be flaky. If you say you’re going to call back or be somewhere at a certain time, just do it. (I know this applies to men as well, but I’m just reminding you).

4. Don’t be afraid to take the lead. If the conversation is starting to die down then take it into your own hands. Most guys will follow, I promise.

5. Guy don’t really care about shoes, accessories and makeup. We know it’s important to you, but so long as you don’t look like a complete mess, you’re fine. We care more about personality, character, and things like that.

6. Don’t expect the guy to pay the bill. Any gentleman will always take care of the bill, but don’t sit there and act like it’s his job. Be appreciative.

7. Fuck protocol. The “waiting a few days to talk” to someone is stupid. If you like a guy, don’t wait for his ass to call you. Let him know. And if I a guy feels the same way, he’ll let you know as well.

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