Divorcée Demographics:

Met future ex-husband: Age 23

Bling, bling, got the ring: Age 25

Got Hitched: Age 26

Ditched: Age 29

Current age: 30

Location: Upstate New York

The best thing about being divorced in my twenties is… I still have lots of time in my life to enjoy me, figure out what I want and need, and find an amazing someone who will fit me better than I could have imagined.

I celebrated my divorce by… Buying a new wardrobe and going to Las Vegas with my closest friends.  I’ve wanted to go to Las Vegas for the past six years and I’m finally making it happen!

My divorce anthem is… This is a hard one because music is my passion.  During my divorce process my music followed my stages of grief.  At this point I’m very much into empowering songs that reinforce that this all happened for a reason and I’m stronger and more beautiful for going through it all.  So right now my anthem is “Overcomer” by Mandisa (it’s a Christian song, but I needed to have faith to get through this process).

Advice for others just starting the divorce process:  Remember the divorce process can be one of the worst things that can happen to you, but it can also be one of the best things to ever happen as long as you take care of you, focus on the positives (even if they are small for awhile), allow yourself the freedom to feel everything, and be open to wonderful things to come into your life, because they will.  Try to have an emotional toolkit: great music, great friends/family (if you lose some, find new ones), a journal, and the Trash the Dress Facebook group!

If I could trash my wedding dress in any way, it would be: Well, I threw my wedding dress away the day I knew it was over- I wanted everything gone.  I don’t regret it, because purging was good for me.  Plus the dress would be too big for me now!!

Anything you want to add? Thank you to Joelle for making this blog, Facebook group, and the (hopefully) soon-to-be published book, for giving us all a place to cry, laugh, and share joy!!!