Divorcée Demographics:
Met future ex-husband: Age 18

Bling, bling, got the ring: Age 22

Got Hitched: Age 24 (3 weeks before my 25th birthday)

Ditched: Age 25

Current age: 26

Location: Baltimore, baby!

The best thing about being divorced in my twenties is……. I’m no longer afraid to fail, and I know I can put myself back together when my world completely falls apart. This is a great lesson to learn so early in life because I can still wipe the slate clean and have a chance at the life I always wanted, but better! I don’t ask ‘why’ anymore, I just tell myself, ‘why not?’ There’s nothing else to lose, and I’m still standing!! You can only go up .

I celebrated my divorce by…….. Doing everything I wanted to do but put on hold because of him: traveling, finding new hobbies, going out, making new friends, having FUN, and enjoying life! I stopped living by his preconceived notions of me, and just starting being ME, whoever that is…hey, I’m still learning too!

My divorce anthem is… “Titanium” by David Guetta ft. Sia: “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away you shoot me down, but I won’t fall I am titanium.”

Advice for others just starting the divorce process: Your life isn’t over because he walked out the door, it’s just different. This has been the most difficult time of my life, but I’ve learned how kind, caring, and good people can be, even complete strangers. You will, too. There’s so much good in the world, so don’t let one a***** ruin that for you.

If I could trash my wedding dress in any way, it would be: In a high-fashion photo shoot! Hello, Vogue! You’re looking for the next Carrie Bradshaw? I’d be happy to!

Last Word: Sometimes you can do everything right, and it just ends up being all wrong. It’s OK! It’s not too late to chase your dreams, whatever they may be. You’re never too old to wish on a shooting star.

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