Divorcée Demographics:

Met future ex-husband: Age 25

Bling, bling, got the ring: Age 26

Got Hitched: Age 27

Ditched: Age 28

Current age: 31

Location: New Jersey

The best thing about being divorced in my twenties is… launching this Trash The Dress project around young divorce and meeting so many inspiring women who have gone through similar hardship and come out on top. I have hundreds of new friends around the world.  Also, divorce allowed me to meet my real soulmate! I could not be more grateful.

I celebrated my divorce by… making all my dreams come true. My celebratory rituals included trashing my dress, making a good riddance list and compiling a dating checklist. But, I’ll save those details for the book!

My divorce anthem is… “Where We Belong,” by Lostprophets.

Advice for others just starting the divorce process: Don’t look at divorce as your being a failure or the end of your life. It’s the end of life as you knew it, but not your life as it was meant to be. Divorce is a beautiful opportunity to get everything in life that you want and deserve. We were all blessed with a clean slate and are making the most of our lives. Pat yourself on the back for being courageous enough to embark on such a journey at young age.

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