Marriage after Divorce in your 20s

It’s true: there is love after divorce in your twenties. Here’s my proof.


As a recent twenty-something divorcée, it’s natural to envision yourself dying alone in apartment filled with your fur-children, because you have no idea how you’ll ever find love again. Seriously. Online dating? You’ve been there, done that. Getting set up by friends? Um, never again!  But, let’s not reflect on those awkward post-divorce dates.

One day, you- yes, YOU- will find love again. It might take a few years and that’s OK.

When you do meet The Real Mr. Right, maybe you won’t want to remarry. After all, the first time around was most likely an emotional and financial headache and you might even still be dealing with the repercussions. Why take a chance of having that happening again when you can simply exist in your current relationship, right?

Well, because marriage- when with the right partner- is a wonderful experience and you shouldn’t let fear rob you of that opportunity.

Consider your first marriage a learning experience.

Accept that new diamond (or sapphire/ruby/emerald, etc. if you’re going the artsy/ vintage route) and scream from the rooftops that you’re getting married.

Oh, wait. You’re getting married! And your parents can’t foot the bill this time. So you’ll elope. No, actually since this is your fiancé’s first marriage, he wants a big celebration. So there will be a wedding. And you’ll need a dress- not just any old dress but your dream dress. Because this is your chance to do it right and after all you’ve been through, you deserve to hang up beautiful wedding pictures. Now you just need to figure out logistics.

Welcome, bride on a budget.

The following posts will help you navigate marriage after divorce in your twenties.  Those of us who have said “I do,” round two will share our tips for creative wedding planning, managing a constrained guest list and getting those visions of your first nuptial event out of your head!



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