Sarah’s Divorce Party Cake

Trash the Dress private Facebook support group member Sarah just threw herself a divorce party.

How fabulous is this cake?!


Freedom Divorce Party Cake

This is one of my favorite divorce party cakes because it’s elegant, classy and most likely recycles the birdcage card holder from the wedding. It’s too pretty to eat, but I would totally dig in.


18 Divorce Cakes that are too Amazing to Eat


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Wife Goes On: Divorce Cake

Every divorce party needs an adorable cake! Love this clever play on words.


The Ultimate Divorce Party Gown

Consider this fierce Alice and Olivia frock the anti-bride gown. Nothing says “good riddance” better than black leather and tulle. And the back? Drool!

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Separated Forever! Cute Divorce Cake

Grounds for Divorce: The Cocktail

Drink up! Here’s the Grounds for Divorce cocktail recipe .

Grounds for Divorce Cocktail Ingredients
-One shot of absinthe with midori.

That’s it! Simple and celebratory.

I don’t drink, but had to share!