Divorcette Pad Decorating: Patterned Paint Roller

Stuck living in your former marital residence while your ex-husband is free as a bird in his new bachelor pad? Feeling claustrophobic between the same walls you thought you were once going to build your life within? Then it’s time for a change! Bring new life to your walls and, well, yourself! Invest in a patterned paint roller for a cheap, easy, DIY art project.  Order one from NotWallpaper on Etsy. Prices range from $19.00-$37.00. Totally affordable. Totally adorable.


In This Case, It’s OK to Eat Your Feelings

Most of the blog posts over here at Trash the Dress are meant to inspire as you embark on post-divorce life. However, sometimes we’re going to tell you that it’s OK to cry and eat your feelings, especially if those feelings are baked into the best cookies ever. You know what we’re talking about: those soft, cupcake-like Lofthouse sugar cookies that are decorated in a new icing color every holiday season. We just so happened to stumble across a recipe to replicate those cookies and feel it would be against girl code not to share.

So head on over to Authentic Suburban Gourmet and treat yourself to these sweets. After all, you’re going through divorce in your twenties. You deserve to indulge!

The Broke Divorcee’s Holiday Gift Guide

The best things in life may be free, but the cost of personal freedom is quite hefty.  And those divorcing during the holiday season have it even worse. Instead of stressing about how you’ll afford gifts, get busy in your kitchen! Remember, it’s the thought that counts. It is possible to show your appreciation for loved ones without digging yourself deeper into credit card debt.

Here are a few suggestions for DIY holiday gifts:  

Baked goods!  Biscotti, cookies, cake, cupcakes…. If you can bake it, you can make it for friends. Top with a bow and you’re good to go!

Homemade body scrubs!  Chances are that you even have most of these ingredients in your kitchen. For example, whip up this Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub using every day items. Or, try the DIY Mud Scrub (pictured below) using coffee and sugar.

Chalkboard picture frames:  Head over to your local Ikea and stock up on the $5 KVILL picture frames.  Paint the insert with chalkboard paint and poof-you have an instant awesome gift.  Or, go old school and insert a photo of you with the person to whom you’re presenting the frame.

Mason Jar snow globes! Get inspiration on Pinterest.

Classy corks!  We can’t all spend every day like Rachael Ray, but we can pretend. Perfect gift for those who enjoy a sip.

Beauty on a Budget: DIY Nail Art

Mani-pedis are a great way to indulge…and end up in even greater post-divorce debt. If you’re spending about $20 a week keeping your tips in top shape, you’re also kissing goodbye $80 a month and at least $960 a year. Yikes! Just think of what you can do with all that extra cash you didn’t even realize was at your disposal.

Doing manicures at home will save you tons of money and actually make your nails look neater. How many times have you seen women with grown-out manicures, as they have to wait for their next appointment to re-polish? It’s slightly embarrassing. And people do notice, even if you have a French manicure. Go au naturale with your nails.

For those of you who are thinking, “Well, the nail polish doesn’t stay on when I do it myself!” let me share a secret beauty weapon: Sally Hansen. Sally does a service for nails like Victoria has provided for boobs. Once you realize this, there’s no going back to another brand.

Sally Hansen products keep nails chip-free and rock hard.  Specifically, the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear clear polish, when applied as a base and topcoat, will keep your color locked on for a week.

High-end brands like OPI and Essie apply just as smoothly, but why pay double the price? You don’t have to sacrifice to save.

DIY manicures are more fun, too. Have nail parties with your girlfriends, where everyone brings over their favorite shades. Snack on cheese and your favorite beverage. It’s a creative and cheap alternative to girls nights out and when you’re done, you’ll feel a little more posh.

Before you make a mad dash to the drug store, make sure you also pick up an orange stick. That’s a little wooden tool that, when dipped in remover, will erase any “out side the lines” paint. Now no one will know you’re not a pro.

If you’re feeling extra daring, try these styles:

Cupcake nail art

 Newspaper nail art