X Oh, No!

It’s that time of year again… when I reflect and regret getting a matching tattoo with my ex-husband.  To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, we decided to permanently mark each other with matching “XO” tattoos. To make things even more personal, we tattooed the “XO” in my ex’s handwriting. So now, several times a day, I look at my wrist and cringe.


Trashing my dress: Screen shot from Glam Fairy.

Every year, when my anniversary rolls around–this September 21st would have been my fourth–  I look back and think of what a pretty bride I was and what a beautiful wedding I planned.  That’s it. I don’t miss him, mourn the marriage or what would have been if we stayed hitched.  I know I’m better off divorced. Honestly, I actually even forgot the date was coming this year because I’m so caught up planning my wedding to the REAL Mr. Right.  But I was still tempted to go through some old wedding photos:

Wedding night. I was so much skinner back then. That’s because I didn’t cook and neither did my ex! So I lived off veggie burgers on the George Forman Grill.  Now, my fiancé Frank prepares gourmet dinners. UPGRADED!

Bling, bling, SOLD those rings!

I still have the hot pink purse, not the husband.

Ostrich feathers for the bouquets. Hot pink for my MOH, black for the bride. My flowers began wilting during the reception. Perhaps that was a sign?

I had my cake and ate it, too.


Cupcake flower tiered centerpieces and table seating designed as Starbucks logo, featuring my dogs. They give me more affection than my ex ever did!

Makeup by The Glam Fairy. You know where this lead to.. my on-air trash the dress photo shoot!

Roe, my bff and now member of our divorced in 20’s group and her cuz and fellow bestie Jessica, who is a really funny comedian.

My friends Nicole and Adam played the ceremony precession. At least my failed marriage made them friends!

Adam’s band even wrote a song for my ex and I and performed it that day. It didn’t go anywhere, just like my marriage!

Honeymoon: I made friends with the stray dogs on the beach. And I just posted this because I love dogs and my ex didn’t.

*By Joelle, who launched a custom wedding program/magazine biz right after her marriage failed. Those were interesting times.




Reconstructed wedding gown

My dress on my wedding day and after reconstruction by Spencer Dargan for Glam Fairy.