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Start your day with caffeine and a compliment? Your post-divorce life will already be off to a better start than your marriage with this little knick knack from Etsy. Love it for your new home decor!

Girly Home Decor. Just Because.

Kicked him to the curb? Then it’s time to decorate your digs the way you’ve always dreamed and he always schemed against! Here’s some Pinspiration!




717ab878a14e58f59e6f2e561b7e3642Go wild cooking up healthy (and completely fattening– you deserve it– meals), but don’t use these knives as weapons! Speaking of weapons, we do not endorse these fake, long, sparkly nails! Yikes.


Four Cheap and Easy Ways to Transform Your House Post-Divorce

I live in a 120-year-old, charming Victorian-style house that everyone who visits loves…and you want to know the truth? When I first moved in after my divorce, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT. I went from a modern, brand new house when I was married to renting this one bedroom house that has more wolf spiders than the city does people; with bright yellow walls, old squeaky doors and a bedroom that is a shade of purple that makes me want to kill myself. But the rent is cheap and they let me keep my 130-pound-dog there (I like to tell people I rented the house for him – since dogs are colorblind anyway!), so what’s a girl to do?


In an effort to make my house more livable and likeable to the masses, I started doing small projects that I didn’t need landlord approval for, but did make a difference with the design and feel of the rooms.

1. Seasonal Wreath


I bought this wreath at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars. Bought the leaves for $2, and shoved them in. It took me less than five minutes and has made a big impact with my porch. You could change out the leaves for different seasons. The sticks are from Ikea but you could easily walk around the neighborhood looking for branches to put in vases. They would look great spray painted!

2. Spray Painted Fixtures


If you’re like me and you inherit half of the furniture in the split (okay, let’s be honest – I took WAY more than half), you may be wondering what to do with it. If you want it to feel fresh and new but don’t want to buy all new furniture, simply spray paint it!

These garbage cans were spray painted with Rust-Oleum “Universal Hammered Spray Paint”. You can use this on practically any surface…my personal favorite is to use it to update knobs on dressers and nightstands or lamps. It comes in multiple colors too and one can will go a long ways! (Also, those hanging décor pieces were originally blue. One can of white spray paint later and they matched!)

3. Fogged Windows


My house has old French doors leading into the office. The landlord had left the original lace curtains up (based on the amount of dirt on them, I’m guessing they’d been there since at least 1950). I wanted something more updated that was still private and that my cat wouldn’t climb… you ready for this?

All I did was buy and cut clear contact paper like you would use for lining shelves. Then you wet the glass you’re putting it on, stick the plastic sheet on and use a squeegee or any flat surface (a credit card would do) to work the air bubbles out. I’ve also seen this done with lace (apply with mixture of cornstarch and water). Both of these options are great for renters because they easily peel off and don’t leave a mark!

4. Glaze furniture and décor pieces



This is probably my best tip – you can change the look of any item simply by glazing it with your choice of glaze color (I really like the Martha Stewart Black Coffee).  To start, buy your glaze and grab any old paintbrush. Work the glaze into every corner of the piece, and then simply wipe off with a damp rag. You can wipe off or leave on as much as you want to get the desired look, but it really makes all the nooks and crannies pop! Here’s a better video tutorial if you’re interested. Honestly you can’t mess this up!

Aubrey is a writer/owner/creator at She loves spending time with her three nieces and her Newfoundland dog, Moose.

Repurposing the Past

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 4.26.42 PM


(Don’t mind the ugly yellow tile in the top right corner- we’re renovating!)

To you, this is a rug. To me, it’s a symbol of how far I’ve come since my first marriage. I purchased this at Urban Outfitters a few years ago when my ex-husband and I were furnishing our condo. Back then; it was the condo of hopes and dreams. I anticipated great things when I moved into that little space. It was my first time living away from the home in which I grew up and I felt liberated.

For the last four years, this rug has been stored in my mother’s garage collecting dust along with all the other belongings I took with me when my marriage ended and I moved out. I only recently opened those boxes while preparing to once again leave the nest, as my fiancé, Frank, and I move into our new house.  I was uncertain about using decorative items from my old life for my new beginning. Part of me feels like it’s a jinx. But I’m not one to let good finds go to waste.

It just so happens that his rug perfectly complements our new yellow, white and gray kitchen.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 4.30.56 PM

And see this silver frame? It used to be black, but I just spray-painted it.  I originally bought this frame with the intent of enlarging a wedding photo of my ex-husband and I and hanging it in our living room. Funny thing, he never hung the frame. It sat on the floor, nestled in a corner for the entire year of our marriage.  The glass broke during my divorce move out, but I kept the frame. It was too pretty to trash. Now, I’ve decided to use it for my upcoming wedding. Ironic, right?

Once again, I debated using something from my past marriage for my future marriage.  But I decided to forge ahead and bring new meaning to old objects.

It’s been an interesting experience as I’m finally getting everything I’ve always wanted. I feel bad moving out of my mom’s and leaving her alone. I miss her dog and went there on my lunch break today to visit my little fur friend (and grab more boxes!) since my old house is close to my job. Granted, it’s only been three days of living in our new house/ town and I am settling in, so I am sure the guilt will subside. This is life after all; kids grow up (I’m 32 now) and parents must find their way again. My mom just happens to single, so I think it would be easier if she wasn’t living alone. Mind you, the whole time I lived with my mom, all we did was fight and I said I couldn’t wait to have my own place. I think this will actually help our relationship, though. Some people, especially mothers and daughters, are not compatible.

I’ve actually started reading a book about that very topic, called “Shout Her Lovely Name.” I only had time to read one chapter since I’ve been buried under cardboard boxes and paint rollers, but I couldn’t help but laugh while reading it because I can relate so much.


Despite our arguments, my mom was there for me during my divorce and even drafted the paperwork. I never take her for granted but I am going to work on my attitude towards her. It’s so hard though!

One thing we have in common is a love of shopping. She’s already gifted Frank and I with a bunch of home décor items, most of them yellow to match the kitchen and my sunny post-divorce life.



Reclaim your Porcelain Throne Post-Divorce: Ideas for Redecorating your Bathroom!

Now that you’ve kicked your ex-husband off his throne, it’s time to reclaim your bathroom! Celebrate your divorcee digs and make your powder room an inviting oasis, at-home spa-inspired room or makeup haven. Here are some suggestions to get your ideas flowing:



Replace your boring old medicine cabinet with a baroque-style vintage mirror and hang a chandelier from the ceiling just because you can!  The Kristaller chandelier from Ikea is chic and affordable at only $39.99.  Bonus single girl props to the ladies who can figure out how to hang this without a man’s help! You can do it!


 Create a makeup vanity area. If your bathroom is too small, do it in a bedroom nook!


Organize your makeup on magnetic boards:



It’s time to get one of those corset decor pieces you always walk by and droll over at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods. But stay far away from the furry trim pictured below!



Change your door knob to reflect your style decor. No need for locks because you’re not trying to get away from anyone anymore!  Anthropologie has a great (albeit a pit pricy) selection of cabinet and door knobs.



But look at what a difference a knob can make!


Mason jars for organization. Need we say more?


Heck, you can even go all out and showcase your shoes and purses since you probably ran out of space in your bedroom, anyway. But that might be just a tad bit overboard!