Divorcette Pad Decorating: Patterned Paint Roller

Stuck living in your former marital residence while your ex-husband is free as a bird in his new bachelor pad? Feeling claustrophobic between the same walls you thought you were once going to build your life within? Then it’s time for a change! Bring new life to your walls and, well, yourself! Invest in a patterned paint roller for a cheap, easy, DIY art project.  Order one from NotWallpaper on Etsy. Prices range from $19.00-$37.00. Totally affordable. Totally adorable.


Because Now You Can: The Girly Kitchen

Goodbye, unwashed beer mugs in the sink. Hello, sparkling counter tops and girly kitchen accessories! Celebrate your divorce by giving your kitchen a makeover. If you’re strapped for cash –and since you’re a young divorced woman, sadly, chances are you can barely afford food in your refrigerator, but let’s dream for a second– something as simple as a new (pink) coat of paint or a trip to Home Goods for tea cups can make the biggest difference.

Here are some inspiring ideas and perhaps your newest “pins!”



Because Now You Can: The Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Instead of letting the ghosts of Christmas past haunt you this year, celebrate by decorating your divorcette pad with a hot pink tree. Order from Artificial-Christmas-Tree.com. Throw out his old balls (literally!) and string with sparkly lights.

Divorcette Pad Decorating: Inspirational Box Art

From my desk to your computer screen: Box art from Primitives by Kathy. Beware, you might want to purchase everything on this site to decorate your divorcette pad.

Because you can

Divorce doesn’t stink anywhere near as badly as his old sneakers. You know, the ones he had since college and refused to throw out because that would mean he’d have to go shopping to buy a new pair? And of course, shopping was #1- a dreaded activity and #2- an activity that cost money. There’s no better way to say good riddance to your fashionably challenged, cheapo ex than by creating an oasis in YOUR closet!  If your storage space is not a walk-in, just turn his old man cave into your personal dress-up room. Heels really are a work of art.