‘Til Death Do We Part… Or I Eat Your Brains Out

It turns out, Tara Richter (author, certified dating coach and radio show host), who recently provided online dating tips for Trash the Dress, is a divorcee!   And she trashed her wedding dress after discovering her husband cheated. 

Here’s her guest blog:

I had my wedding dress hanging in my closet for a while after the divorce and didn’t know what to do with it. I tried selling it, listed it online and researched consignment shops. They would only give me $40 for it which is completely absurd. I don’t have any children to hand it down to, so I figured I would get creative instead! I discovered a local zombie pub crawl last October and asked my girlfriends if they wanted to join in on the fun. There was a group theme contest so we decided to go as a zombie bridal party! I figured this would be a way more fun way to utilize my dress one more time.

It took me about 20 hours to completely transform my dress into a zombie bride. First I cut all the tulle out from under the dress. I also cut the entire second layer of material from under the train. That lightened up the dress a lot! Definitely don’t want to walk around as a zombie all night wearing a 50lb dress.  I used the tulle I cut out to make it into a veil.

I bought a cheap tiara and sewed the tulle around the top of the tiara to attach it. I got ping pong eyeballs from the Halloween store and super glued them around the bottom of the veil. It took a while to figure out how to attach them. I discovered they are two halves glued together.  So I broke them apart, put one side inside the tulle and the eyeball side on the outer portion of the tulle and layered the edges with super glue then pressed them together. It really turned out pretty cool so it looks like the eyes are really in the veil. I also smeared some blood on it. Make sure if you’re using blood to get the big jugs of it that will dry. The first time I used the small blood capsules and that stuff is so sticky, four days later it was still wet. I had to wipe it off with a paper towel so it wouldn’t get blood where it wasn’t supposed to be.

To lighten up the dress even more I cut out more material at a jagged edge for the zombie effect. I also cut a jagged slit up the left leg to allow easier walking around. I altered the bottom since I wanted to walk in comfy sketcher wedge flip flops and the length would have been too long. Cutting jagged edges all around the bottom and then covered those flaps in blood. (After the fact I realized I should have added more blood. It seemed like a lot when I was doing it, yet half of it soaked into the material & didn’t turn out as bright red as I wanted it to.)

Since I did not have a “human groom” to dress up and go out along with me, I decided instead to make my own zombie groom. I wanted it to look like I turned into a zombie first and then ate half my groom and the rest of him starting crawling up the train of my dress. I bought a zombie head and found a nice white Liz Claiborne shirt at goodwill for $5. I cut the edges of the shirt and covered it in blood as well. Once the blood dried I stuffed the shirt with the left over tulle from my wedding dress.  This concept worked great because the tool made the shirt poof out like there was a body in it, yet it was super light. I sewed the tulle inside the shirt so it wouldn’t fall out and then attached the shirt to the train of my dress.

The left arm I chopped off like it had been eaten and the right arm I sewed coming up my right side. I put a bloody hand print (my hand dipped in blood then dragged it down the side of the dress where I was going to put the zombie groom.) I bought a plastic hand from the store with a bloody stump and used Gorilla Glue to attach it to the dress. It worked fantastic! The zombie head was harder to get to stay on. The head was made out of foam which was light, yet the glue would just pull off the first layer of foam and the head rolled off the back. It was too thick to use a needle to go all the way through the skull to sew it, so instead I just sewed the ear to the dress. That worked well, but then he was looking down. I put some holes in the head and then filled them with Gorilla Glue and put glue on the dress to stick it and that seemed to do the trick. (Gorilla Glue works by expanding into the porous parts and then holding them together.)

For the accessories to the outfit, I discovered this awesome zombie leg purse. It was a hit with everyone and I could carry lots of stuff inside of it. I also purchased the white zombie contacts. They’re a little pricey, but if you shop around you can find them for $30 shipped. Make sure when you’re purchasing that two come in a pack. Some websites sell them one contact each. The contacts really pull the entire outfit together. Everyone was stopping to take photos. My girlfriends bought matching dresses at Ross for $9 each and black rose bouquets for $10 each. Only two groomsmen were left alive and I found great bloody boutonnieres at Hot Topic.

The 20 hours of labor I put into this costume was well worth it. The dress was a huge hit at the zombie pub crawl every kept asking me if it was my real wedding dress. I even got a spot light on TV for a few seconds. After the pub crawl I had the entire costume in an art show. It was fun to see it on display. It was hard at first to destroy my wedding dress, but once I starting cutting it felt great!  I recommend being creative to anyone who doesn’t know what to do with these left over expensive dresses.

Tara Richter

Author, Certified Dating Coach & Radio Show Host


Jar of Hearts-inspired Trash the Dress Divorce Style Photo Shoot

 ‘You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul’


My plan to trash my dress had evolved many times over the last year. I had originally decided in waiting for my divorce to be finalised but to be honest I just got bored of waiting and needed something to keep me going on this notoriously rocky journey. I found in November that things might come to a final end by March, 13th– months after he first walked out. So I decided I had been waiting long enough for this nightmare to end and contacted my photographer.  I must also add, if you have a partner currently, be courteous and ask them how they feel about it. Luckily my boyfriend’s response was “do whatever you like.” Even though this is something I wanted to do I would have thought twice if I had known it would hurt someone in the process (except my ex…..I couldn’t care less whether he was hurt in the process).

I had spoken to my photographer previously about my plans to trash my dress but this time asked her if we could do the shoot in the snow.  This would involve putting the project on standby until we could be sure there was enough snow to capture the images I desired. I decided to use the photographer who happened to shoot my wedding, as she had previously photographed me doing some pin-up. We both knew how each other worked and I would feel relaxed so that I could get some pictures I was really happy with!

One of my divorce anthems had become Christina Perri’s  “Jar of Hearts” and this was inspirational for my trash the dress shoot. I particularly loved the line, “You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.” The snow was symbolism for my ex-husbands heart and the cold abrupt ending of our marriage. The juxtapositioning of my image against the harsh winter was a metaphor of the harsh situation in which I had been placed. But most of all, I wanted to have some fun because quite frankly I deserve it and if anyone reading this is going through divorce or similar you deserve it, too. I wanted some pictures of the dress that I could keep and show off. I removed all wedding picture I posted on Facebook and had given our wedding album to my ex to keep. But now I would be able to look at my dress in a completely different context.

It was a dismally cold morning I was feeling partially miserable (yes, more than this self-confessed emo girl normally feels). After looking out the window, my fears that this day might not be the day I was going to trash my wedding dress become real. Instead of the beautiful picturesque snow scene I had imagined, I was majorly disappointed. Instead, I was faced with a typical British sludge in some places and nothing at all in others. To my disgust, the snow that had been promised by the weather man to multiply had in fact almost melted away. Just like my hopes for this shoot!

It had to be the weekend I booked, as I had a child free day and the photographer was free all day.  Around lunchtime it did start snowing. Hope! I wondered, would it settle? Would it be too dark by the time there was enough snow?

And so I waited. At around 2 o’clock, my mum rang saying we were meeting the photographer on location at 2.30. It was a go! I had 30 minutes to get a wedding dress on, do my own makeup- as there was no time to get to the makeup artists- put my hair on (I’m wearing a wig by Geisha Wigs) and get through the snow to the location I had picked. Amazingly, I was only ten minutes late! I generally work on a 20 minutes late system on the best of times and anyone who knows me will readily agree.

Well, it was bloody cold out there! I decide to ditch the fur shug as it looked a bit too much.  As the snow fell on my bare skin, it melted turning into water. The longer I was out there the colder and wetter I became. What a brilliant idea this all was.

It was a great idea at first, but it turned out to be so freezing cold that neither of the four people involved could handle staying outside long enough to get to the full trash and decided to form a two-part trashing. The trashing will be continued in the summer after the finale divorce papers are through. This final shoot will be at the beach and involve lots of brightly coloured paints to symbolise the bright future I have ahead.

It wasn’t a waste, though.  I was happy with what we got, as we used my wedding dress in ways that would have never been possible before and I had no worries whatsoever about getting covered in snow and mud from the floor!!

Trash your Wedding Dress Pictures

Don’t have the guts to really trash your dress? Here’s an alternative:

Just grab some finger paints and smear your wedding day photos. Create a beautiful disaster.